The nature of our work and clients means that board roles are often filled on a discreet basis and hence not all roles are listed publicly.

R21-245 Latrobe Health Services – 2 x Directors

  • Location: Morwell, Victoria
  • Type: Recruitment
  • Job #828

Latrobe Health Services (Latrobe) is a mutual not-for-profit private health insurer established in 1950 with its principal base in regional Victoria. With over 81,000 members and 40% of those based in Gippsland Victoria, Latrobe is […]

R20-205 Macadamias Australia (NED)

  • Location: Bundaberg, Queensland
  • Type: Recruitment
  • Job #733

For more than 60 years, the Steinhardt family has been proudly growing food in Bundaberg, Queensland. The Steinhardt Group Pty Ltd is a privately-owned family company. Macadamias Australia is fully vertically integrated with […]