Does your board understand the strategic risks of climate change?

Published by the Governance Institute of Australia, Global Governance Voice, February 2021

Written by Jane Crombie, Board and Governance Specialist and Kerryn Newton, CEO – Directors Australia

This article was first published in the December 2020 edition of Governance Directions, the official journal of the Governance Institute of Australia ( Republished in GGV Reprinted with permission.

Next steps

Climate change, and more broadly ESG, are fast becoming a core strategic priority and reflects an organisation’s culture, values, and risk profile. ESG leadership may also improve access to capital and enhance growth opportunities. If it isn’t already on your board’s agenda, consider reflecting on how your board incorporates sustainability into long-term strategy and decision-making.

Directors Australia can assist boards with:

  • Development of values-aligned sustainability governance and policy,
  • Oversight of ESG disclosure and reporting frameworks,
  • Workshops and resources to deepen director and executive understanding, and
  • Incorporation of ESG factors into investment policies.

Jane has over 15 years’ experience leading portfolio construction, risk management, and investment analysis for superannuation, membership, and philanthropic organisations. She has expertise in evaluation of sustainable, green, and social impact investments, and development of ESG criteria within investment policies. In 2019, Jane graduated from an MBA at QUT, with her final thesis exploring ethical best practice for boards as competitive advantage.

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