In light of recent cases like the Centro decision, highlighting the level of financial literacy and oversight required of boards and directors, Directors Australia has designed a series of ‘financial governance’ workshops for boards.  

While we tailor each workshop to the particular board’s requirements and financial statements, suggested workshop topics include:

  • Directors’ duties regarding financial matters
  • Key lessons for directors from recent case law
  • How boards monitor financial performance
  • The board’s relationship with the Chief Financial Officer
  • The purpose and format of management’s financial report to the board
  • The board’s role in strategic financial planning
  • The role of the Audit Committee.

In our workshops, we deliver information in a readily understandable way including through the use of case studies and a company’s actual financial statements. We seek to create an environment where directors feel comfortable asking questions and raising issues.

Our workshops are enhanced by the financial skills and experience of a number of our key consultants and strategic alliance partners.